New OpenGL adapter on Windows

In WaveEngine 2.3.1 we have added a new adapter on Windows for OpenGL, this allows WaveEngine developers to run their games using DirectX and OpenGL on Windows. This will be really handy to adapt their assets (like shaders or textures) faster to our OpenGL platforms (Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android).

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New serializer using Protobuf-NET

In Wave Engine 2.3.1 we have started to use Protobuf-NET as the default serializer in all game description files (scenes, prefabs, materials, etc…).

Protobuf-NET is a contract based serializer for .NET code, that happens to write data in the “protocol buffers” serialization format engineered by Google.

The inclusion of Protobuf-NET gives us the following advantages:

  • Performance Boost: Reduce app startup time and other serialization related actions up to 5X  (scene navigations, prefab instantiations …)
  • Reduce app package size
  • Binary files: Avoid to deploy plain xml files in app packages
  • Support DataContract attributes: You don’t need to change your components code

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What’s new in Wave Engine 2.3.1

Wave Engine 2.3.1 has been released today.  This version adds some important features that we think our community will enjoy, like binary scene serialization and OpenGL support in Windows. Let’s have a look in detail.

Bokeh lens sample

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