Oculus Touch Support

We have improved the Oculus Rift integration In WaveEngine 2.3.1 updating from 0.7.0 to 1.10.0 Oculus API.

One of the most important improvements is the Oculus Touch support is that it allows you to have hand controllers in your VR games.

Note. If you want to review the complete list of changes you can read the official release notes

Oculus API 1.10.x release notes


The CameraRig component has been updated. You can find some changes in its children hierarchy so when you create a VRCamera you will find the LeftControllerAnchor and RightControllerAnchor that you can use to chain controller models.


To access the Oculus controllers state you must get the OculusVRService as Input services. Then you will have access to Oculus controllers triggers and buttons events.

On the other hand, OculusVRProvider includes a new TrackingOriginAtFloorHeight property that allows you to set the origin over the Floor configured on Oculus calibration settings.



Finally, in this video you can see the Oculus Touch integration:

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