New Profile System

Up until now, you only could create a launcher project by platform but game developers have reported to us that they need to create more than one launcher configuration by platform. For example, you want to create a game to Android platform and need to have a launcher configuration named “AndroidSmartphone” and another launcher configuration named “AndroidHD” with high resolution textures. This is now possible with the new profile system.

Now, when you create a project you can select which platforms will be supported.  It will then create a default profile launcher by platform:

But if you want to add an additional profile launcher to the same platform, you can use Project Properties Dialog from Edit menu (Edit -> ProjectProperty)

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Using Image Based Lighting (IBL)

Wave Engine offers a complete lighting system with different light types for different scene settings. However, sometimes you need to create a soft environment, which is difficult to create with point based lights. For example, a cool sunset with lot of ambient illumination, different colors, etc.

To do that our Standard material offers the possibility to create an Image Based Lighting (IBL from now) on your entities and adding that extra realism.

IBL example

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