WaveEngine is now totally free on iOS and Android

We started developing WaveEngine more than 4 years ago with the idea to make live easier for game developers in their mission to create games for the current mobile ecosystem (fragmented into many devices, languages, APIs and operating systems) simplifying cross-platform development difficulties.

We love C# and we focus all our efforts in building an easy and fast Framework to create native games and apps on mobile devices using the latest .NET version. To achieve this we used the .NET Framework on Windows Phone and Mono through Xamarin on iOS and Android. Currently WaveEngine supports more than 8 platforms and developers can use our Wave Visual Editor and Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio or Monodevelop on Windows, Linux or MacOS to create games for all supported plataforms.

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Social Service in WaveEngine

This article will give you an idea of how the new WaveEngine extension could be used in your existing WaveEngine game.

We will make use of an already finished game to integrate with Google Play, but you will require no more coding efforts at all to get Game Center up a running, other than what we are about to do for Google Play.

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Convert my game to mobile platforms

In this article we are going to review the conversion process that Wave Engine 2.1 uses to convert our game to other supported platforms. Wave Engine 2.1 has 3 development platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOS) where you can use Wave Visual Editor and 3 mobile target platforms (Android, iOS and Universal Windows Platform), additionally you can deploy your game on development platforms too.

Target Platforms

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