What’s new in 1.4.2


We are glad to announce that WaveEngine 1.4.2 (Dolphin) is out! This release is full of interesting and useful features.


With TiledMap, develop 2D games in WaveEngine will not be the same anymore. Tiled maps have been used for a long time in games, now you can load and integrate TiledMap (.TMX) files, created by Tiled Map Editor (http://www.mapeditor.org/), the most popular map editor based in tiles.  With Tiled, you can easily design your 2D map levels and run in WaveEngine like a charm.

WaveEngine TiledMap extension support all types of TiledMap orientations:

  • Orthogonal
  • Isometric
  • Staggered

The complete code of this integration is available, here.

The complete code of this demo is here.

Binary version for Windows PC, here

Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality)

Now you have the ability to expand your game’s immersion through the Oculus Rift extension. You can create a fully VR environment with the Oculus Rift headset, including:

  • Stereoscopic 3D camera components
  • Head orientation and position provided by Oculus Headset.
  • Barrel distortion shader with low latency provided by Oculus SDK.
  • Direct HMD mode supported.

Coming with Oculus Rift extension, we also provide  a great sample that shows the new possibilities that brings to WaveEngine users that integration

Some videos of this awsome demo for Oculus Rift:

The complete code of Oculus Rift demo, here

Vuforia for iOS (Augmented Reality)

The Vuforia extension enables vision detection and tracking functionality within WaveEngine and allows developers to create AR applications and games easily.  This is the status of our support:

  • Currently we only has support for iOS platform, but we will release the Android version in future Releases.
  • Full support for single image track support.
  • Extended tracking.

Video of this demo running on iPad, here.

Billboard Batching

A Billboard is a Sprite in a 3D environment that allways is facing the camera. Now WaveEngine has support of Billboard Batching, that works in the same way than SpriteBatch. It creates billboard mesh batches to optimice the performance of rendering huge amount of billboards.

With the Billboard component, you can create two types of billboards:

  •   Point Orientation: The billboard is oriented about a point to face the camera. With this type of billboard, the object will always appear the same to the camera, however it will be affected by perspective.
  •   Axial Orientation: The billboard is oriented about an axis to face towards the camera.

If you can see this demo in action, here

  • The complete source code of this demo, Here
  • Binary version for Windows PC, Here.

New Image effects

We continue working to improve our open source image effects library, we are added 3 new cross platform effects for this release: TiltShiftLens, PosterizeLens,DistortionLens and  ScreenOverlayLens (with 5 modes).

The complete source code of Image Effect library  is here.

A lot of more things!

Coming with the latest WaveEngine Release, we have also introduced several changes to help our users:

  • Camera Viewport: Now you can specify the screen rectangle that the camera will draw.
  • Motion Sensor: We have developed a cross-platform API to obtain the device global orientation. Currently WaveEngine provides API to obtain raw sensor data from device’s Compass, Gyrocsope and         Accelerometer sensors. However the Motion sensor handles the complex math necessary to combine the data from these sensors and produce easy-to-use values for the device’s orientation.
  • A lot of minor fixes and enhancement.

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