Developing 2D Games

Today we introduce the first video in which you can see how the development of 2D games is with the new Wave Visual Studio 2.0. We have been working very hard on this part for an easy way to integrate both the 3D and 2D development as there is much diversity in our community of developers, existing those who usually develop 3D games but also who develop their games in 2D and even those who want to mix both 2D and 3D as in recent well known Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.

That is why we wanted to offer an environment in which all these developers feel comfortable. So we have developed completely different handlers. The easy way would have been to develop the 2D projects as if they are in 3D space, but this was cumbersome for developers who prefer development exclusively in 2D.

For example in a 3D environment developers are used to working with 3D vectors (x, y, z) or quaternions to rotate their bodies while a 2D environment would typically work with only one degree of freedom for the rotation specified by a value that typically indicates the Euler rotation in the Z axis of the 2D entities. This simplification makes operations simpler for 2D entities and is what developers expect when they are in a 2D environment. By this we want to attract both 3D developers and pure 2D ones.

We’ll be showing more information soon.

Thanks everyone for your feedback and support


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