Wave Engine 2.0 will be released on September 15th


We are happy to announce that WaveEngine 2.0 will be publicly available on September 15th.

Our last stable version of WaveEngine (1.4.2) was released in November of 2014 and after that we decided to analyze all the feedback received from our users in the last year to design the future of WaveEngine.

And in January of 2015 we reorganized our talented team and begin working in this new ambitious version. These have been moths of hard work but the new version is just about ready to be published.

This new version is really awesome and here are some of the coolest features:

  • Visual Scene Editor (Windows, Linux, Mac), this is the most important one.
  • New set of materials.
  • New nuget package system to make it easy to keep your projects updated directly from Visual Studio.
  • New project template using the new shared project type.
  • New render system, light pre-pass deferred rendering supported on all platforms. (OpenGL 2.0 included).
  • New 3D sound system.
  • New advanced Image Effects optimized for mobile (Motion Blur, Depth of Field, GaussianBlur, Global Fog, Light Shaft, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion).
  • New extensions (Networking, Social, Kinect, AI)

And many more surprises which we won’t disclose until September.

As a sneak peek here you have a video where you can see how we take advantage of the latest .NET features to simplify the new WaveEngine workflow.

See this video:

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped us with their feedback in our beta program in the last moths. The registration for this program is closed now, if you are already registered but don’t have access yet you will love to know that before the end of this moth you will receive an email with instructions on how to try our current version.
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Have a nice day!
Javier Cantón Ferrero
Lead programmer at WaveEngine.

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