What’s new in Wave Engine Tiger Shark (2.2.0)

Wave Engine Tiger Shark (2.2.0) has been released today. Although we’ve published a 2.1.x version not long ago, we have added important changes in this new WaveEngine version like the Prefab system, which we will discuss below.

Prefab Support

This is a very important feature that allows you reusing entities between scenes and projects. In addition, you can convert any entity hierarchy (and its children) as a prefab easily and instantiate it on your scenes. It’s a more powerful feature than duplicating entities, because it allows you editing all its entity instances at the same time as a single entity.


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Xbox One Support

Taking advantage of the last Xbox One firmware update allows you to run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games and apps. We added Xbox One official support on WaveEngine, including Xbox One controller, integrated as a standard game pad.

Xbox one

HoloLens extension (early preview)

New Augmented Reality (AR) device created by Microsoft, this device provides interesting functions that allow you creating revolutionary game experiences. We’ve added a new HoloLens extension to our Wave Engine extension collection so you can start developing your new Wave Engine AR game using this extension from today.

 HoloLens device

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Xamarin workbooks Support

Workbooks are useful to create live documents with C# code for experimenting, teaching, training or exploring. And although Xamarin workbooks were published as an early preview, we consider that it is an interesting project for improving our documentation, so we have decided to support this project from its earliest version.

You can find them here.

Wave Engine Workbooks

Deploy Android game from Mac OSX

Until now, you could only deploy your Android games from Windows (using VisualStudio). However, we’ve added support to deploy Android games also from MacOSX using Xamarin Studio. This new feature has been added after reading some comments and requests from WaveEngine Community. So we are happy to announce this new feature.

Android developers

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